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If you have photos of native plants that you would like to submit to this database, we would love to have them. Your submission will be examined by one of our reviewers, and then added to the database if it is appropriate.


  • JPG format, in colour and as sharp as possible
  • Maximum height and width: 5000 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 2 MB
  • The species of plant should be clearly identifiable
  • Please include the photo's location and date in the description

If you have a collection of images you'd like to offer for use in the Native Plant Database, please contact us via email.

Terms and Conditions – Please Read

  • As the photographer, you will retain copyright of any image that you submit to the Evergreen Native Plant Database.
  • By submitting your photographs to the database, you agree to allow Evergreen to use the photograph as part of the Evergreen Native Plants Database, an online database that is openly accessible to the public, and in any other electronic or print communications published by Evergreen, including but not limited to our websites (at, email communications, and printed materials such as newsletters or posters.
  • If you request it, Evergreen can display any of the following:
    • Your name and copyright next to the photograph when it is displayed, except when it is used as a thumbnail image, where there will not be enough space to display your name
    • Your name on the list of photographers who have contributed to the Evergreen Native Plant Database, along with your email address, and/or website address if you so desire it.
  • Evergreen retains the right to accept and/or reject all photographs from inclusion.

Submission Information

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Please make sure to read the terms and conditions outlined above before you answer the next question.


I have read the terms and conditions outlined above. I am the photographer of the image I am submitting, and I agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

* Please check the boxes below that you would like (we have preselected the most typical options):

Give me credit for the photograph whenever it is displayed on the site.

Note: this doesn't apply to the small 'thumbnail' images on the search results page, there just isn't enough room for us to put each photographer's name there.

Put my name on the list of contributing photographers.

Display my email address on the list of contributing photographers.

Note: Evergreen cannot be held liable for any email you may receive as a result of having your email address listed on our site.

Display my website address on the list of contributing photographers.

Enter any other information you think could help our reviewers when they review your image?

For Example:

  • The type of plant you think it may be (don't worry if you are not sure)
  • Where the photograph was taken
  • What time of year it was taken
  • Anything else you consider may be relevant.

Finally, click the 'Browse' button below, and choose the location of the image you want to submit from your hard drive.